Net News Roundup - November 11, 2018

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What WIll Brands Sound Like As Voice Search Grows?
Comscore estimates that by 2020, 50 percent of all searches will be voice-based. That's hard to imagine but we're already seeing 20 percent-plus of all Google searches originating through voice, which is also hard to imagine.

Using Influencers to Maximize Your Social ROI
The best social marketers view influencers as a function of their digital sales channels as much as cultural endorsers, which brings us back to calls to action: The best calls to action are repeatable, shareable and scalable. They can become the fabric of a content-creation cycle for years.

3 Tips for Successful Native Video on LInkedIN
If you're a company, you have might have seen Linkedin's suggestion to upload native video. Video helps consumers have more visibility into your company, which can lead to higher engagements and interactions with your brand.

Interactive Streaming Drives Digital Ad Revenues
Digital advertising is experiencing a new resurgence, thanks to the uptick in streaming services. It is expected to account for 50% of total global ad spend by 2020, per eMarketer. However, not all platforms are created equal. With over 200 streaming services in existence today, each must differentiate itself and establish leadership in the space. The industry is in the midst of an arms race.

Take the Risk; Make Your Company Omnichannel
Few companies are truly omnichannel, as they are caught up in their own history and only enter new channels reluctantly or halfheartedly. The bigger risk, today, might actually be staying where you are, and as you do, watching your business get forced into channels where you are only a small, or non-existent player.

Calculating Your Customer Acquisition Costs
It can be tempting to pursue growth at any cost, but marketers have to be aware of how much they are spending to acquire each customer. If your customer acquisition cost is greater than your revenue for a long enough period of time, you'll go out of business.

6 Collaboration Tools for Social Media Teams
Is your social media team working well together? Need to improve communications? In this article, you'll discover how to use six collaboration tools to keep social media teams and stakeholders on the same page.

Data Costs Could Kill Your AI Startup
Data gives AI startups a defensive moat: The more data the startup collects to train an AI model, the better that model will perform, making it difficult for a new entrant to catch up. That data does not come for free, however, and many AI startups see their margins eroded by this additional cost.

LinkedIn Learning Now Includes 3rd Party Content
Linkedin is announcing two new developments to get more people using the service. It will now offer videos, tutorials and courses from third-parties such as Treehouse and the publishing division of Harvard Business School.