Net News Roundup: October 29, 2018

See what's trending on the Web today with Website Magazine's 'Net News Roundup, a collection of insightful articles, industry happenings and practical guidance to accelerate your digital success. 

Intent is Redefining the Marketing Funnel: Forget everything you know about the marketing funnel. Today, people are no longer following a linear path from awareness to consideration to purchase. They are narrowing and broadening their consideration set in unique and unpredictable moments.

How to Get the Best Bang For Your Buck on Pinterest: Web savvy businesses have touted the immense marketing potential of the visual social media channel Pinterest since its inception, and today those expectations are coming to maturity. 

What Would Happen if Customers Owned Their Data?: The most difficult and expensive problem for any brand is switching costs - it's at the core of the most sophisticated marketing efforts in the world - Ford spends hundreds of millions each year trying to  convince customers to switch.

Why the Cleantech Industry Needs Marketing Automation: Marketing in a disruptive industry requires a disruptive mindset and savvy brands in the cleantech space are doing just that by taking advantage of marketing automation solutions. 

How to Succeed in Social Media Without Posting Any Content: Are you struggling to build professional relationships on social media? Want to develop a network that generates business but don't want to make content?

How Organizations Use Dynamic Pricing in AI & CRM:  Dynamic pricing, a strategy in which prices for things like hotel rooms, airline tickets, computer hardware and basically anything on Amazon change minute by minute, has been around for years. What's new is AI-assisted dynamic pricing algorithms hard-wired into CRM platforms.

FTC Pressed to Tackle Digital Ad Fraud:  In a letter sent recently to the Federal Trade Commission, Sen. Mark Warner warned of the growing danger of digital advertising fraud and what he says is the inattention and "willful blindness" of Google and other major players to fraudulent and criminal activity.

Facebook Gives Details on Why Ads Fail to Run: Facebook released a new version of its Marketing API on Tuesday which includes updates that will give advertisers more insight into why an ad won't deliver.

Brands are Turning Away From Gated Content & Web Forms: SaaS providers have discovered something that other marketers might want to consider -- that gated content no longer works. 

What's a Bounce Rate & How Can You Improve It?: Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who land on a given webpage on your website and then leave without doing anything. Your bounce rate only accounts for people who visit your site, land on one page and then navigate away without viewing another page or clicking anything. 

10 Free Data Visualization Tools: Data visualization literally changes how you look at data. But if you're worried that an investment in this technology might not be for you, then check out these 10 free tools that let you explore your data in new ways, without having to spend a bundle on the experience.