New Partnerships Extend Tag Management Capabilities

Tag management solution provider BrightTag has unveiled a slew of strategic analytics partnerships that should prove beneficial to digital marketers and Web workers of all shapes and sizes.

BrightTag is combining its technology with six notable analytics consultancy firms, Cardinal Path, Keystone Solutions, Semphonic, The Encima Group, BlastAM and WebHue. This move will help the company expand support for its tag management system, BrightTag ONE, which gives users a data-centric tag management solution to simplify the integration of third-party marketing services into their websites and mobile apps.

The company does this by taking all of the important data gleaned from a website (through analytics solutions, testing tools, email, outbound media campaigns, etc.) and normalizing it by defining the data element. BrightTag ONE will run it through its own dictionary to create a common language that customers can use to study the information without worrying about how each different third-party solution refers to it semantically. In other words, it makes sure that each type of data is always referred to by the same name, so as not to confuse or hinder the user.

BrightTag chose these six elite partners out of its current group of collaborators because they all "understand, fundamentally, how they can use that data layer [tags] in their analytics tools. They see our data dictionary as a great way to provide meaningful insights," explains Scott Grossman, the head of Business Development at BrightTag.

Moreover, these firms where considered to be "thought leaders" in the analytics field that were committed to seeing tag management become a significant data layer in the analytics field, as well as already working with many BrightTag clients. The company also wanted to select partners that covered a range of sizes, meaning they could provide their tag management services for small and enterprise-level businesses, alike.

Offering tag management independent of an analytics solution provider gives businesses the freedom experiment with a variety of products without being locked in or risk losing their tag management services. And with deeper integration with these six consultancies, BrightTag will be able to extend the capabilities of BrightTag ONE to provide clients additional industry-leading expertise in data-driven analytics.