Not Your Grandpa's Live Chat - 5 Systems Worth Exploring

The evolution of live chat has helped businesses close the customer service gap between traditional brick-and-mortar businesses and online stores.


In fact, brands can leverage live chat nowadays to proactively engage customers across channels, encourage self-service options and even to make the online shopping experience feel more like the real thing via virtual assistants.


Read below to discover five live chat solutions that are helping brands guide consumers toward conversion in real-time:




BoldChat provides brands with a combination of traditional live chat functionality with modern features. For instance, BoldChat can be leveraged to serve customers on the desktop and mobile devices, enabling brands to launch proactive chats on both devices. Plus, brands can leverage the company's Enterprise offering includes a Twitter and Email Management solution, which enables them to support customers through the social network and email. It is also important to note that BoldChat offers summary reporting, which includes comparisons to benchmarking data and suggestions for improvement.






CodeBaby enables brands to use virtual assistants to engage their customers and offer rich online experiences. The company's virtual assistant technology can leverage natural language response to identify key phrases and provide answers efficiently or guided language response technology to guide consumers through pathways. It is important to note that brands have the ability to customize their virtual assistants and can leverage speech recognition technology to enable customers to have a two-way voice conversation.




Moxie Software


Moxie Software offers a Concierge solution that empowers brands to deliver three types of digital engagement to customers, including traditional live chat, knowledge articles and email. While the live chat solution enables brands to guide customers as they browse online, the knowledge articles enable brands to deliver contextually relevant articles to customers, which improves efficiency and helps increase self-service. Plus, Concierge also provides customers with the ability to send messages and ask questions via email.





TouchCommerce offers a variety of unique live chat solutions. Its TouchConnect solution, for instance, helps live chat agents direct consumers toward self-service with online engagement tools, which can reduce enterprise support costs and increase customer satisfaction.


Additionally, the company offers a solution called TouchMedia, which enables brands to include live chat calls-to-action (CTAs) in traditional advertisement platforms like television, radio, print publications, billboards and classified ads. This solution enables brands to offer an entirely different type of live chat experience to customers. For example, brands could leverage TouchMedia to include an SMS (short message service) CTA (call to action) on a television ad they are running (see image below). On the ad, the brand could feature a new product and include a "text this number for more information" CTA, which leads to a live chat conversation on the consumer's mobile device.






Similar to CodeBaby, Nuance's Nina Web solution enables brands to feature a virtual assistant on their websites. In fact, Nina Web can help customers with research, ordering, shipping, returns and exchanges. According to the company, Nina Web understands complex questions and provides customers with a more human-like interaction, which enables live agents to focus on delivering service where it is really needed. Plus, the solution gives customers the opportunity to use their voice to ask questions.