Notable WP Plugins Released This Week

What's happening in the world of Wordpress plugins this week you ask? Below you'll find some newly released plugins that are most definitely worthy of note. Keep in mind that most, if not all, are untested by the editors at Website Magazine and we can not attest to their quality, utility or security - we just picked them because they look and/or sound really cool. 


Make PDF Newspaper
Fancy yourself a burgeoning media company? This plugin automatically creates printer-friendly 'tabloid' editions of you WP blog in two column magazine/newspaper formats. The plugin uses the Five Filters PDF Newspaper project which pulls together code from a number of other open-source projects including TCPDF, HTML Purifier, SimplePie and SmartyPants.


GetResponse Integration
Weblogs and email go together like peas and carrots. The GetResponse Integration plugin enables users of the GR email platform to add a sign-up form for their site. Several customization features are available including confirmation URLs.


RSS Feed Scroller Widget
Get that weblog moving! The new RSS Feed Scroller widget from Richard von Rueden, which needs jQuery to work, scrolls your RSS feed much like traditional tickers of old. 


The popular WP-Cumulus plugin, much beloved by