Omnichannel Communication for the Call Center

Taylor Woodard
by Taylor Woodard 16 Jan, 2023
Omnichannel cloud contact center technology solution Bright Pattern has launched several pre-built applications within its ServiceNow platform that are worth a look as they provide brands with an opportunity to engage in better conversations using voice, video and digital channels and do so out of the box. 

The application is actually comprised of two applications; Omnichannel Customer Contact and Expert Assistance, which can be customized to fit an organization's own unique workflows and accommodate a rather broad set of business processes using the system's omnichannel scenario builder.

According to Bright Pattern, the Omnichannel Communications for ServiceNow offering essentially allows ServiceNow customers to handle omnichannel interactions in the consolidated ServiceNow platform, while omnichannel routing directs the interactions to the most qualified representative across voice, video and digital channels. The application was designed to streamline ServiceNow omnichannel interactions for agents, managers and end users.

"In today's customer centric market, it is necessary to provide an outstanding customer experience across all traditional and digital channels" said Konstantin Kishinsky, CEO of Bright Pattern. "Our ServiceNow application was built to provide ServiceNow customers with an easy to use omnichannel application that works seamlessly with the ServiceNow platform. The application provides ServiceNow customers with standard features such as screen pop and single sign on as well as more advanced features including chatbot API and of-the-shelf chatbot integrations."