On-the-Go Businesses Get Payments App

From designers, to consultants, to IT professionals and beyond, there are plenty of businesses that operate outside of traditional retail storefronts or digital presences. In fact, the U.S. Census says that 17 million small businesses fit this profile. 

Thus, there are 17 million reasons to create an app that accepts credit card payments from an iPhone. Flint Mobile, Inc. announced today that its iPhone payments app, Flint Mobile Pay, is now generally available nationwide on the App Store. 

Flint built an app specifically built to this audience and is designed to provide three core advantages:

1) Easy credit and debit card processing by scanning the card number instead of needing a card reader accessory

2) Integrated social marketing

3) Customizable business tools to increase customer engagement

Founded in 2011, Flint has spent the last 18 months building its platform. The company states that it has integrated with top-tier financial services and infrastructure companies to offer a reliable, secure and scalable product. 

"Flint's mission is to empower everyday small business users who are out and about and who are underserved by other solutions," said Greg Goldfarb, co-founder and CEO of Flint Mobile. "We've worked very closely with our beta users to develop a compelling app and are excited to make it available to a broader audience."

The app is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iOS 5.0 or above. Other highlights of the app include online reporting (for viewing and managing transactions, customer contact info, etc.), low fees (1.95 percent plus $0.20 per transaction for debit cards and 2.95 percent plus $0.20 per transaction for credit cards) and more.