One-stop Shop for Daily Deals

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 27 Sep, 2011

Recently, daily deal sites have been the topic of conversation for many reasons - from headlines about the oversaturated market to rumors about the death of daily deals.

But through all the speculation, one thing remains certain - everyone loves a good deal.

However, according to a Bing/Impulse survey, even with the more than 600 daily deal sites in the US alone, consumers are still having a difficult time finding deals that are actually relevant to them. Additionally, consumers are overwhelmed by the abundance of deals and sites to choose from.

So, because finding a relevant deal can be a part-time job, sites that aggregate deals together into one place, such as Bing Deals or Yipit, may be the bright light in the future of daily deals.

Bing Deals, a recently launched deal aggregating site, provides users with deals from major providers and retailers, such as Groupon and Living Social.

The site aggregates more than 200,000 deals from across the US. It also organizes the deals, so filtering and comparing deals is much easier. Users can browse by retailer, location, keywords or categories.

Another deal aggregator, Yipit, collects daily deals from 688 services, including Groupon, Yelp and LivingSocial.

Yipit recommends the best daily deals for a user's particular city, and is currently available in 70 cities. However, Yipit Nation is also available for consumers that want to view the best daily deals, no matter where they might live.

These daily deal aggregators could be a huge help to consumers, and at the very least - these sites can free up some room in a daily deal junkie's inbox.