OpenX Tops Again for Inventory Quality

For the fourth month in a row, Web and mobile advertising technology OpenX secured first place in Pixalate's April 2015 Global Seller Trust Index (a quality rating standard for real-time bidding).

OpenX led in five of the top 12 IAB industry verticals and was first in Inventory Quality for April. One of the reasons for this is likely the introduction of OpenX's traffic quality platform earlier in the year (March, 2015), which aims to curb fraud in programmatic advertising by leveraging OpenX's direct tag integrations with publishers which detects and blocks suspicious activity through bid data analysis of transaction data.

"The lack of trust in the marketplace can have significant revenue implications as poor quality traffic dilutes the worth of superior publisher inventory. In a transparent and safe Ad Exchange, buyers can bid with confidence, resulting in higher bids. At OpenX, we're committed to providing both publishers and advertisers with a safe and transparent marketplace to buy and sell inventory," said John Murphy, Vice President of Marketplace Quality.

The monthly Pixalate GSTI is based on an analysis of 100 billion ad impressions, 350 million IP addresses and more than 400 programmatic sellers.

"Growth of online advertising coupled with its ability to target specific users and organizations, has made it one of the most effective channels for security attacks," said Jalal Nasir, CEO of Pixalate. "Trust in advertising cannot be restored without first addressing the cybersecurity risks it poses to enterprises and consumers. This is a complex and growing problem as many buyers, including reputable brands, purchase seemingly legitimate inventory. Unbeknownst to them, some of the inventory has been compromised and ultimately leads to a negative impact on consumer trust and brand integrity."