Opportunity Knocks

There are few digital practices more complicated in both process and technology than that of programmatic advertising.

With so many participants (publishers, advertisers/agencies and the variety of different networks as well), buying advertising in a programmatic environment is no easy feat, but for those willing and able to do so, the reward can be substantial. And the savviest brands are well aware of the opportunity. In fact, the buzz around "programmatic" is reaching epic proportions and is expected to reach half of all digital ad sales by 2018 - thanks in great part to lower costs, better targeting and much improved response as a result.


If you're not buying programmatically right now, chances are you will in the very near future because of its ease of use and unmatched scope. For these reasons, Website Magazine's feature article this month aims to provide some useful and practical guidance as advertisers and publishers open the door to this incredible opportunity.

In addition to the insights shared in Website Magazine's March 2017 feature article, readers will have access to other helpful articles on topics including ecommerce, search marketing, Web design and more from some of digital media's brightest minds.

This issue also offers useful information on conversion optimization, influencer marketing and machine learning, as well as a list of 50 movers and shakers in the realm of customer experience management.

As always, we hope you enjoy this issue of Website Magazine and encourage you to join us on the 'Net where our editors and industry contributors share the technologies and insights that matter most to Web success.

Best Web Wishes,
Peter Prestipino