Optimize the Kindle Fire Experience with Monetate

Personalization and targeting provider Monetate has announced support for the Kindle Fire in its cloud-based website optimization platform.

Monetate, which primarily serves the ecommerce market, enables users to segment visitors from tablet devices and deliver platform-specific options to enhance the browsing and buying experience. For example, merchants have the ability to run multiple concurrent A/B and multivariate tests, leverage geographic and weather-based targeting, and deliver custom experiences based on individual user behavior.

Some of the modifications that merchants can make include making navigation menus larger for greater ease-of-use, enable/disable functions including swipe, pinch-to-zoom and multi-touch gestures, and several others including delivering custom messages such as special offers based on the type of device.

"It is becoming clear that tablet users represent a unique segment of consumers with specific needs, habits and purchasing behaviors," says Monetate CEO David Brussin. "In order to close more sales, retailers must proactively tailor the shopping experience to tablet users in a way that takes advantage of the devices' unique characteristics."