Payment Models Evolving with Payment Processor Support

As consumers change their consumption habits and  paying only for what they want to use, the subscription model will prove increasingly important to enterprises of all types.

Capitalizing along that trend, online subscription and recurring billing management solution ChargeBee has partnered with payment processor Worldpay. The collaboration will will enable Worldpay clients to offer a subscription and/or a recurring billing payment model, and do so while saving on development costs and resources.

Freshdesk, a cloud based customer support software provider is the first enterprise customer to benefit from the new pre-built integration, which has enabled the company to reach a broader client base by offering multi-currency payments to its customers around the world.

"Using the customized integration between Worldpay and ChargeBee we've been able to scale quickly by accepting payments in local currencies and settle back into our currency of choice," said Girish Mathrubootham, CEO of Freshdesk.

"Working with Worldpay has also opened up opportunities in Asia and Latin America for us by enabling alternative payment methods where credit card penetration is low." added Mathrubootham, "We have benefited from the collaborative and consultative approach both ChargeBee and Worldpay offer their clients. Since we went live, we have seen our credit card acceptance rates increase by 5%."