PDF Shrink 4.5 for Windows

If your daily duties as a Web professional include interaction with PDF documents, you'll want to read through the following.

Apago Inc. today introduced PDF Shrink 4.5 for Windows, bringing the popular Mac utility to Windows users. PDF Shrink facilitates the production of PDFs at a quality and file size appropriate for use with smartphones, on the Web, as email attachments, or for onscreen reading.

PDF Shrink can reduce most PDF files-including those created by Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, and other common software-by as much as 90% of their original size. To shrink a PDF, simply drag and drop a single PDF file, or a group of PDFs, onto one of the settings. PDF Shrink analyzes the PDF(s) and identifies elements that can be optimized, often without changing the quality of the images. The software can remove embedded fonts and delete unused elements, including metadata, thumbnails, and duplicate data.

"One of the major complaints with PDF is file size," states Dwight Kelly, president of Apago Inc. "PDF Shrink has been extremely well received on the Mac and we've had a demand for a Windows version for some time. We are pleased to respond to the need of many consumers and businesses by delivering an affordable, easy-to-use windows utility for reducing the size of PDF files."

PDF Shrink 4.5 for Windows retails for $35 is available for purchase today at Apago's online store.