Personalization Tech for the Rest of Us

Personalization is a trend that is not going away any time soon.

In fact, data from MyBuys reveals that 53 percent of consumers say it's important that retailers recognize them as the same person across channels and devices they use to shop. What's more, 48 percent recognize that they purchase more from retailers that leverage shopper interests and buying behavior to personalize the customer experience across channels.

Putting together a proper personalization strategy, however, can be overwhelming. Not only are there a lot of technology solutions to choose from, but also a variety of channels that businesses need to take into consideration. For some help getting started or growing your current strategy, take a look at the six personalization solutions below:


Barillance offers an ecommerce personalization suite that includes solutions for cart abandonment, product recommendations and website personalization. For starters, the cart abandonment solution enables retailers to trigger behavioral emails with product recommendations to retain customers. Conversely, the product recommendation solution helps retailers target customers with personalized recommendations across pages and channels, while the website personalization solution enables retailers to segment and target their customers with relevant dynamic content, messages and offers.


Evergage's cloud-based customer success platform helps brands increase engagement and loyalty via real-time 1:1 personalization. The personalization is based on behavioral analytics and customer data, as Evergage tracks customer actions inside a brand's Web application or mobile app. Brands can leverage the solution and data to deliver personalized experiences and messages to customers. For instance, brands can highlight new or under-utilized features to existing users, showcase relevant use cases to specific accounts, as well as upsell and cross-sell by delivering messages to customers at the right time.


Listrak helps retailers personalize the shopper journey with contextually relevant content. Retailers have the ability to send emails with dynamic, real-time recommendations, as well as personalize recommendations on their website and retarget customers with display ads. Plus, Listrak offers design tools that enable users to customize the imagery of their recommended products.


Monetate offers personalization across channels, enabling brands to personalize the entire shopping experience with customized navigation, banners, badges, hero images and more. Monetate does this by leveraging a brand's current customer data from sources like a customer relationship management (CRM) or point-of-sale) POS system, and combining that information with real-time behavioral and contextual data. Together, this information can then be used to create campaigns and messages that target dynamic customer attributes.

Pure Clarity

Pure Clarity is an ecommerce software provider that can be leveraged to offer personalized site search and merchandising. The personalized site search product, for instance, analyzes customer behavior based on likes, history, onsite activity, other customer behavior and what is trending. By doing this, the product is able to deliver more relevant results from the instant a customer starts typing. The merchandising product, on the other hand, uses data analysis and an AI engine to continually collect and analyze data in real-time to deliver customers personalized experiences with relevant products, content and promotions.


RichRelevance offers a variety of personalization products, including personalized search and discovery, content personalization and product personalization. With personalized search, retailers can boost product discovery based on a shopper's current and past behaviors, brand affinities and price preferences. The content personalization product maps individual shopper behavior against advanced targeting and audience segmentation tools to help marketers personalize campaigns with relevant content, while the product personalization solution collects data and uses a machine-learning engine to select the most relevant product recommendation for each customer across all touchpoints.