Pinterest Users Are Prime Brand Prospects

New research reveals that active users of Pinterest are prime targets for brands.

Commissioned by Ahalogy, the study found that active Pinterest users are early adopters who love to "try and buy" the new things they discover at the social pinboard, but are becoming harder to reach through traditional media outlets. Ahalogy found that Pinterest users are watching significantly less television than non-users (up to three hours fewer each week), and almost half of the time, are replacing magazine reading and catalog browsing with Pinterest use. The study also revealed that active users of the network are using Pinterest in place of traditional search engines, like Google.

"We've seen great results from Pinterest marketing in the past two years that we've been helping brands grow on the platform," said Bob Gilbreath, co-founder and president of Ahalogy. "Now we're excited to broadly share data that proves this a marketer-friendly audience and platform."

Additional highlights from the research include:

- 75 percent of Pinterest activity is mobile and 52 percent of daily Pinterest users are pulling up the app in-store to guide their purchases

- 83 percent of active users would prefer to follow their favorite brand on the platform than their favorite celebrity. However, only 27 percent of active users are currently following any brand or business on Pinterest.