Playing the Landing Page Game

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 27 Jan, 2012

Marketers can now play a game to help them create better landing pages.

Yes, you read that right - play a game. Conversion optimization agency WiderFunnel has released, which is a free interactive game that helps marketers visually learn how to increase leads and sales through landing pages.

Game participants view a series of real website experiments, which include page variations that were tested. Then the participants choose which variations that they believe converted the most visitors.

"Conversion Optimization is serious business and in some cases it has more than doubled online results for our clients, but it can also be a lot of fun," says Chris Goward, CEO of WiderFunnel, "We are often surprised by the results of the tests, and we think marketers who play this game will find some surprises too!"