PlayTime Now With Demographics

One of the issues for video advertising has been that it is difficult to understand who exactly is viewing all those ads. TubeMobul hopes to minimize the problem as it has added demographic reporting to its video advertising platform PlayTime today. 

For a long time, advertisers were forced to rely on external data vendors to ensure they reached their target audience. By aggregating data from several sources via PlayTime, advertisers can make audience comparisons in a single interface. What is perhaps most interesting about the announcement however is that TubeMogul is offering the dta historically so advertisers can see trends from previous campaigns.

Advertisers will now have access to demographic information such as age, gender, household income, marital status, home-ownership and number of children. "Advertisers can now be sure they reached their target audience and make powerful comparisons," said Brett Wilson, CEO and Co-Founder of TubeMogul. 

In December, video ads served by PlayTime were viewed over 174 million times according to comScore, placing the company in the top ten across the Web.