Popular Personalization Platforms for Product Providers

Today's retailers have access to powerful platforms that can track, target and talk to individual shoppers - personalizing the shopping experience seamlessly across different online (and offline) channels.


There are myriad offerings available to help ecommerce enterprises leverage customer attributes, behaviors and intent to make individual interactions more meaningful (and profitable), and many enterprises are eager to give the practice a try. In fact, 58 percent of senior marketing decision makers indicated they will be adding more personalized experiences in 2016 according to the CMO Council.


If your business is one that will be taking a more personalized approach in 2016, consider leveraging one of the five popular platforms featured below:



Retailers can leverage Barilliance's real-time website personalization platform to send remarketing emails, personalize product recommendations and deliver real-time content and offers to website visitors. The remarketing email feature, for example, enables users to not only reach customers who have abandoned their shopping carts, but also can be used to trigger behavioral emails to strengthen customer relationships. Conversely, Barilliance's website personalization features enable users to segment and target customers with relevant content and offers in real-time. The solution can take attributes like where a visitor lives, how they clicked through to the retailer's website and whether they are a first time or repeat visitor into consideration to deliver personalized experiences.




With Evergage, retailers can recognize both anonymous shoppers and existing customers and deliver personalized experiences to them based on things like past sessions, geography, source and attributes stored in the retailer's CRM. In addition, retailers can present personalized messages, offers, products and content to site visitors in real-time. The platform also tracks visitors across devices, enables users to conduct A/B or multivariate tests to optimize for conversions and more.




Monetate's personalization solutions enable retailers to design data-driven experiences for their customers across channels. With Monetate, retailers can use the data from their customer relationship management (CRM) and point-of-sale (POS) systems and combine it with Monetate-powered, real-time behavioral and contextual observations. The result is relevant and personalized customer experiences that target dynamic customer attributes, such as customer spend or loyalty program members.




The Personyze personalization platform offers behavioral targeting, geolocation targeting, website personalization, cart abandonment features and more. Retailers can leverage the solution to target audiences based on real-time and past behavior and create personalized content and marketing messages for the targeted audiences. Moreover, Personyze provides analytics and reports so retailers can review the performance of their campaigns and optimize them with real-time adjustments.




Omnichannel ecommerce personalization platform RichRelevance can be leveraged to personalize everything from on-site search to product recommendations. What's more, the company's Build solution provides users with access to API-based personalization tools to manage and route data from any source and integrate personalization into any application.