Product Showcase Platforms in Focus

When it comes to showcasing products on the 'Net, merchants need to think outside of the box.


This means that in addition to using basic best practices, such as providing high-quality product images with zoom and rotating features, merchants should be looking for more modern and innovative solutions that can assist them in displaying their products in a unique way.


These modern platforms not only help to better engage site visitors, but they can also help increase conversions and decrease return rates. Discover more about showcasing your products with the list of platforms below:



This solution focuses on helping consumers discover the perfect fit and size. uses shape-shifting robotic mannequins to display how clothes will look on various body types, which helps increase conversions and decrease returns. The solution requires that retailers send in samples of clothing in various sizes, so that photos can be taken of how the clothing appears during the robot's permutations. The images are then stored and served from cloud servers when consumers visit a participating retailer's site and input their measurements.



Merchants who sell footwear can use this platform to help their customers make better size decisions. The Shoefitr technology provides users with 3D fitting technology, which allows consumers to visually view how a specific brand of shoe will fit. This technology not only increases consumer confidence, but also leads to increased conversions and reduced returns.


Webcam Social Shopper

Let your customers "hold" clothing up to themselves with the Webcam Social Shopper. This platform turns a webcam into a mirror so that consumers can view how a certain color or style looks on their body. It also enables customers to match their existing wardrobes with potential purchases and share looks with friends to get feedback. Retailers can purchase Webcam Social Shopper's "off the shelf" solution or customizable enterprise solution by contacting the company for more details.


Kaon Interactive

Showcase your products with 3D interactive images with Kaon Interactive. Kaon's 3D product models look and behave like the actual product they are representing. Customers can experience products the way they want, because they are in control of zooming, spinning and rotating, as well as exploring and interacting with the product's unique features such as opening doors or drawers. Additionally, this company enables merchants to add layers of detail to the products that they are featuring, so that even though a customer can't physically touch the product, they can still inspect every inch of it.


My Virtual Model

My Virtual Model is a virtual fitting room that provides consumers with the opportunity to see how a garment would look on their specific body type. The platform can use merchants' existing apparel images and only requires two photos per garment - a front and back view - in order for consumers to see how an item fits from all angles. Although this solution doesn't recommend what size a customer should buy, it focuses on the visualization of outfits on different body shapes. The company claims that My Virtual Model not only lifts conversion rates, but that average order values (AOV) can also be raised by up to 200 percent.



Show off the real size of your products with LifeSizer. This solution calculates the physical dimensions of an object within an image to determine the pixels per actual life-size inch. That data is sent to LifeSizer servers, where it is calibrated, stored and ready for display by merchants on their own sites through the integration of some basic code. This platform helps to reduce a shopper's uncertainty, which also increases conversions, reduces return rates and improves the overall experience of the buyer.