Put Your Website to the Test

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 31 Mar, 2016

Digital marketing specialist Clickx has unveiled a new website performance tool called the Clickx Grader.

With the tool, business owners are able to gain insights into the performance of their websites, which can help them maximize the return on investment (ROI) potential from their digital property. The Clickx Grader provides a breakdown of the overall user experience of a websites, as well as its performance on local, organic and paid channels. What's more, the SEO Grader showcases a site's accuracy on local listings, reveals where backlinks are located and the most popular referring domains.

"Our goal with the Clickx Grader is to offer business owners the information they need most to make their businesses as successful as possible," said Solomon Thimothy, CEO of Clickx. "From knowing who their biggest competitors are to knowing where any weaknesses may lie on their site, business managers will be able to find out exactly where to continue strategies or start new projects to improve not only their website's functionality, but also their business' visibility online. Local marketing and digital promotion is more important than ever, and with this grader, companies will know exactly how to change their processes to succeed."