Quiz Time: All About Acronyms

quiz-time-answersAcronyms are a dime a dozen in most industries, and tech is no different. With so many abbreviations for all the strategies and systems Web professionals deploy, it can be difficult to keep track of them all.

Website Magazine has compiled some frequently used acronyms as well as ones that will soon make their way into the daily lexicon. Let's see how you do (tally your score on the right)!

1. AI

a. Automated intelligence
b. Artificial intelligence

c. Action instances

2. RTB

a. Revenue through blog
b. Real-time bidding

c. Real-tracking bid

3. API

a. Application program interface
b. Asynchronous programming intelligence

c. Average pay increment

4. SLA

a. Server-land agency
b. Service-level agreement

c. Software lifetime average

5. CRM

a. Conversion rate measurement
b. Consumer revenue metric

c. Customer relationship management

6. DSP

a. Demand-side platform
b. Direct server performance

c. Data simple syndication

7. TLD

a. Trading-level desk
b. Top-level domain

c. Translation-language dialogue

8. XML

a. Extensive measurement lead
b. X marks the lead

c. Extensible markup language

9. EMV

a. Europay, MasterCard, Visa
b. Ethernet master velocity

c. Electronic management view

10. DDoS

a. Direct distributed offense system
b. Distributed denial of service

c. Dispersed data of siloes

11. ERP

a. Enterprise resource planning
b. Engine result page

c. Ecommerce revenue package

12. AOV

a. Analysis of value
b. Average order value

c. Advertising optimization venture

13. POS

a. Piece of software
b. Price of system

c. Point of sale

14. NLP

a. Natural-language processing
b. Neuro-linguistic program

c. Name-level page (Answers below)

Answers: 14 (a), 13 (c), 12 (b), 11 (a), 10 (b), 9 (a), 8 (c), 7 (b), 6 (a), 5 (c), 4 (b), 3 (a), 2 (b), 1 (b)