Quiz Time: Data Protection, Compliance and You

Data is certainly an asset, but for some enterprises it could prove to be a liability.

Test your knowledge and awareness of the upcoming roll out of the General Data Protection Regulation in this month's Website Magazine Quiz Time. (Answers are at the bottom.)

1. What is the General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR)?

a. Regulation to protect all European Union (EU) citizens' data privacy and to reshape the way organizations across the region approach data privacy.
b. A way for Americans to download their personal data from Facebook, Google and other tech giants.
c. An assurance that online information will not become personally identifiable information in the offline world.

2. Who was the GDPR approved and adopted by?

a. EU Parliament
b. Oculus and Oracle
c. U.S. Congress

3. True or False:
The GDPR only applies to organizations located in the EU.

4. What are the penalties for GPDR non-compliance?

a. Companies have to exit the EU.
b. Fines up to 4 percent of annual global revenue or $20 million.
c. An organization's digital properties will be closed until compliance is achieved.

5. When will GDPR be enforced?

a. Dec. 31, 2017
b. May 25, 2018
c. Dec. 31, 2028

6. True or False: Cloud providers are exempt from GDPR enforcement.

7. What information constitutes personal data?

a. A name, phone number and email address.
b. Bank details, social media posts, medical information and a computer IP address.
c. Both A&B and any other information that can be used to directly or indirectly identify a person.

8. True or False: Both data processors and data controllers must be GDPR compliant.

9. Parental consent will be required to process the personal data of children under the age of:

a. 16
b. 9
c. 34

10. Who needs to appoint a data protection officer?

a. In the case of public authorities, organizations that engage in large-scale systematic monitoring or organizations that engage in large-scale processing of sensitive personal data.
b. Teams with too many data-driven marketers.
c. No one, that position is definitely made up.

Answers: 1. A; 2. A; 3. False; 4. B; 5. B; 6. False; 7. C; 8. True; 9. A; 10. A