Quiz Time: Digital Communities Changes & Challenges

What more could a marketer ask for than customers who answer prospects' questions and promote products or services on behalf of their brand?

While those are top goals for managers of digital communities, it is important they understand these platforms are evolving and the management challenges that brings.

Test your knowledge in this month's Quiz Time! (Answers are below.)

1. This network was one of the first on Facebook to connect its Group to its Page (now available to all Pages).

a. HBO, Big Little Lies Official Group
b. Showtime, Game of Thrones Official Group
c. NBC, The Office Official Group

2. By creating a group for a company's fans on Facebook, marketers can:

a. Interact in the linked group as the Page or themselves, create a separate space for their audience to have discussions, and find and manage all their linked groups in one place.
b. Pitch their groups on competing Pages, use collected data and post promotions hourly.
c. Become stressed when members do not interact and delete the group when interest is not ideal.

3. Online community managers in the U.S. have a median salary of:

a. $18,080
b. $48,281
c. $118,011

4. Seventy-five percent of companies believe communities do this:

a. Help them with content marketing efforts
b. Pre-occupy consumers from buying
c. Accelerate buying decisions

5. What percentage of companies believe communities improve buyer confidence?

a. 15.9 percent
b. 59 percent
c. 1.59 percent

6. Sixty-six percent of companies expect to increase this element by using communities to inform purchases.

a. Product returns
b. Phone calls
c. Purchase satisfaction

7. Which two technology companies offer community software products?

a. Salesforce and SAP
b. Majestic and Moz
c. Act-On and Accenture

8. Some platforms enable brands to track community ROI by measuring:

a. How often people contribute and convert.
b. Members' activity before, during and after community involvement.
c. Both A&B.

9. True or False:
Managers can require that prospective members answer qualifying questions to join groups on networks like LinkedIn and Facebook.

10. What are common best practices to keep online communities active?

a. Create fake profiles for commenting.
b. Offer a referral program for employees.
c. Feature popular discussions first and personalize what is shown based on a members' behavior and interests.

Answers: 1. a; 2. a; 3. b; 4. c; 5. b; 6. c; 7. a; 8. c; 9. True; 10. c