Quiz Time: OK Google, What's Up?

While SEOs cannot know about every Google algorithm update, they should be aware of major developments to come out of Google HQ. Let's test your knowledge of 2017 Google news!

Visit our cheat sheet at wsm.co/cheatsheetseo. When you're finished taking this quiz, scroll to the bottom of the page for the answers. 

1. When it comes to how Google geotargets search rankings to serve users in different locations, the following does not matter:

a. Server location
b. Searcher's location
c. Site's language

2. What is the Intrusive Interstitial Penalty?

a. A penalty to punish sites using mobile interstitials and pop-ups that can negatively impact the user experience.
b. A penalty for sites that use flash pop-ups to capture mobile users' data.
c. A penalty for sites occupying space on the Web.

3. Google now enables consumers to do this directly from Google Maps and Search:

a. Leave a fake review
b. Manage their Google My Business account
c. Schedule reservations

4. Companies can share content with this new feature within Google My Business:

a. Google Plus
b. Google Posts
c. Googlebook

5. While not the only sites affected by the "Fred" update, they were hit the hardest:

a. Affiliate sites
b. Social media networks
c. Local directories

6. True or False:
In July 2017, Google introduced SOS Alerts in Google Search and Maps to help people affected by crises around the world.

7. Google offers publishers two ways to prove they are not spreading misinformation:

a. By adding the Share the Facts widget and by adding Schema.org ClaimReview code.
b. By adding Schema.org Not Fake News markup and agreeing to a new under-oath version of Reddit Ask Me Anything.
c. By submitting each article through a Fake News checker and submitting journalism credentials.

8. When Google users enter job-seeking queries, they will now see in-depth results including the following:

a. Reviews and ratings of the employer from trusted sites, the job descriptions and, if they are signed in, how long it will take to commute to the job from home.
b. In advance of GDPR, all of the personal data Google used to surface those results.
c. Access to the employer's public records.

9. In order for users to directly flag content that appears within these two search areas, Google now offers a feedback link within:

a. News, Images
b. Paid Results, Google Plus
c. Autocomplete, Featured Snippets

10. Google "Style Ideas" help mobile users:

a. Get fashion inspiration as Image Search will surface a grid of lifestyle images and outfits that showcase how products can be worn in real life.
b. Understand how to style a site with Schema.org.
c. Get to Pinterest quicker. 

Answers are below!

Answers: 1. A; 2. A; 3. C; 4. B; 5. A; 6. True; 7. A; 8. A; 9. C; 10. A