Real-time Landing Page Optimization with Unbounce

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 05 Mar, 2012

Landing page optimization firm Unbounce and marketing software company HubSpot have announced an integration they say will provide a powerful publishing platform that enhances landing page performance.

Unbounce is a self-serve hosted service that provides Web marketers involved with paid search, banner ads, email or social media a simplified way to create, publish and test promotion-specific landing pages without the need for IT or developers. The company's solutions are designed to give marketers the power to create, publish and optimize their landing pages on the fly.

"Integrating with HubSpot gives our customers the ability to capture lead information directly from their landing pages for real-time optimization," says Unbounce CEO Rick Perreault. "HubSpot is well-known in the industry as providing a full-featured marketing platform for lead capture and management. We are pleased to be working with them to create a seamless experience for our customers."

Features of the newly integrated Unbounce publishing platform include the following:

Build Pages Quickly - Templates and tools are provided to create and publish custom landing pages without IT support.

One-Click A/B Framework - Allows marketers to test their campaigns and learn about customers by testing different content, offers and calls to action.

Real-Time Analytics - Easily view reports on conversion rates and number of new leads with live, actionable data.

Focus on Your Strengths - Unbounce creates a turn-key solution so that marketers can focus on what they do best, creating engaging and creative campaigns without the headache of webpage coding.

"Unbounce provides the tools for companies to easily create and publish landing pages, ideal for A/B testing," says Arjun Moorthy, VP of business development at HubSpot. "This integration gives their customers the ability to easily optimize landing page performance and transfer this data into their existing HubSpot accounts."