Recruit Brand Advocates; That's An Order

The military community is a very large and engaged audience and some of the biggest brands in the world find ways to cater to this unique consumer group. 

One of the ways companies like Pepsi, Nestle, Planters and hundreds of others serve the military community is by partnering with, which is an exclusive online savings, discount, promotion and recipe destination for active and retired military families. 

The platform offers coupons for on-base stores, like the commissary and exchange, but has also bridged the online and offline world by growing its digital community. In fact, as of June 1, online membership exceeds 57,000 military families (an increase of more than 50 percent from one year ago). 

During the same 12-month period, the social media community has exploded, led by the site's team of military spouses who regularly blog, post, and actively engage on Twitter, Pinterest, and the company's Facebook page.

In the past twelve months, Facebook metrics have accelerated to record levels; post views have increased by 460.0 percent and Likes by +348.5 percent. Over a three-year period, the MyMilitarySavings Facebook page has produced a staggering 97,028,146 post views from mostly active and retired military family members located across the globe.

One of the key factors of the social media growth is the team of 12 active military spouses who are posting videos, blog entries, news, contests and content that is of interest to military families and also paid content on behalf of brand sponsors.  

The non-promotional content has a lot of viral momentum, and drives many new visitors to Facebook and Even more importantly, the advocates link their social media content and campaigns back to, increasing site traffic and driving new member sign-ups.