Revenue Optimization for Job Sites with AppCast

Programmatic job advertising technology provider Appcast just announced a supply-side platform that will allow job sites to optimize their performance advertising inventory for increased revenue and a better job seeker experience.

The new Appcast Inventory offering will allow job sites that use several sources of job ad backfill to find ads that users are most likely to engage based on their experience, mobile enablement and, of course, the effective revenue yield.

Job sites will be able to combine thousands of different feeds and normalize those feeds, monitor for quality control issues, de-dupe jobs and increase cost-per-click bids by providing advertisers with real-time marketplace pricing. 

"With Appcast Inventory, job sites can dramatically increase the efficiency of their marketplace -- driving a significant bottom line improvement in their business. They also can finally answer important questions like 'What do I need to bid to get visibility for my key customer on your site?' or 'Which partners are sending me jobs from a customer that we have a direct relationship with?'" said Tom Chevalier, Appcast's vice president of Product. "This solution further empowers our customers to maximize their value of their advertising inventory."