Reviews of Today's Top Mind Mapping Solutions

Mind maps are one of the simplest and most helpful tools that anyone can use when starting a project.

To help users start their maps there are a variety of tools available on the Web. Yet, just like every other tool on the 'Net, there are numerous options when it comes to mind mapping solutions. Here are some of the most popular, and what makes them worth a digital look.


Designed and constructed with a wide array of features, XMind is one of the most comprehensive offerings on the market. Containing the ability to save maps to Evernote and even export maps to Microsoft Project and Open Office, users of XMind are treated to a solidly built solution. Users are also able to assign themes to each map and add additional customization to each layer and sublayer.


Often, projects call for team collaboration and while teams can be very productive they can also derail easily. MindMeister aims to keep teams on track by allowing team leaders to assign specific nodes to individual team members. What's more, users are able to revert to previous versions of their mind maps in case of errors as well as present their maps from an iPhone or iPad on a larger screen through Apple TV.


Like MindMeister, Novamind enables team leaders to assign nodes to individual members. However, Novamind takes things one step further by enabling leaders to assign a due date. Other key features of the software include a new presentation tool that animates users maps.


Through its MindManager solution, Mindjet offers a feature filled offering which users can export to a variety of popular software including Microsoft Office and Apple productivity tools. One of the most convenient features of Mindjet is the ability for users to take their maps on the go. Whether on Android or iOS devices, users are able to access a current map, create a new map as well as share files and manage tasks.


Available exclusively on Mac and iOS devices, MindNode provides users with a simple and clean interface that enables users to further customize their mind maps by adding images both outside and inside of nodes for additional detail. What's more, users can make images even more useful by including a textbox that they can call up by clicking on said image.