SBOs Pass on Shark Tank

How do you spend Friday night? If you're like 4.9 million people, you spend an hour (give or take) watching Shark Tank - the TV show where entrepreneurs pitch their products or services to popular investors. 

Before the start of the new season,  Manta was interested to find out what its audience of small business owners (SBOs) thought of the program. For starters, of the 2,521 SBOs Manta surveyed, 46 percent watch the show and 54 percent do not.

What is particularly interesting to note is three percent of Manta's audience have applied to be on Shark Tank and of those who have applied, 47 percent received an investment offer from one of the show's investors.

Despite those numbers, an overwhelming number of SBOs (72 percent) would not consider applying to be on the show for a variety of reasons:

(Manta notes the margin of error is +/- 1.95 percentage points.)