Scaling Brand Safety for Advertisers

Sandy Hamilton
by Sandy Hamilton 16 Jan, 2023
While a lot of advertising fraud happens in the U.S., a significant amount happens outside of it as well and that can create lots of problems for those responsible for keep brands safe. 

Fortunately, there are technology solutions which do much of the heavy lifting. Integral Ad Science (IAS), for example, announced it has recently enhanced its brand safety solution to include eight additional content categories across 40 languages, covering nearly 99 percent of Internet users.

With brands running campaigns globally around the clock and with public scrutiny at an all time high, it's critical that brand safety solutions accurately assess the content and context of a page, regardless of language. And that's what they are doing, turning to solutions that have both global capabilities and reach. 

"IAS's brand safety solution is a key component to our brand management strategy," says Gary Milner, Director, Global Digital Marketing, at Lenovo. "We are a global organization operating across all continents, so managing our brand reputation with a solution that enables us to reach 99% of consumers on the web is critical to our success."

IAS was really one of the first (way back in 2009) companies to provide a blocking solution that could protect brands from appearing alongside risky or inappropriate online content. IAS's proprietary technology (built with its in-house data science, engineering, and linguistic expertise) has evolved and scaled globally, and now includes more languages than any other brand safety solution. The IAS brand safety solution can identify adult content, alcohol, fake news, gambling, hate speech, illegal downloads, illegal drugs, offensive language, and violence, across four risk thresholds -- low, moderate, high, and very high.

As brand safety is a highly subjective topic, however, the categories and risk thresholds allow for flexibility as per a brand's requirements. Additionally, the ability to measure and verify risk is accompanied with the ability to avoid it. With IAS technology, it is possible to reliably block ads from appearing on pages with inappropriate content. Predictive targeting segments effectively target away from risks in programmatic buying. This comprehensive coverage is now available globally, covering 40 languages from Arabic to Vietnamese.

"Brand safety continues to be a key challenge for global advertisers, as highlighted by the recent headlines surrounding extremist videos, fake news and hate speech. IAS saw that in H2 2016, depending on where your advertising served, up to 8.6% of ads can appear next to content flagged as inappropriate," said Maria Pousa, CMO at IAS. "At IAS we have worked diligently to build multilingual brand safety models, ensuring this global problem has a global solution."