SDL Goes On the Campaigns" Trail"

From email and ecommerce to search and social, customers (or potential customers) are dropping hints all over the Web regarding whether they are thinking about buying, have bought or will never buy again.

In most organizations, the majority of these customer behaviors go un-acted on, not because brands don't think they are important, but rather because they don't have the technology that can group them all together to get that ideal "single view of the customer."

This week, a new version of SDL Campaigns, a component of the SDL Customer Experience Cloud (CXC), has been released - designed to help organizations orchestrate and optimize customer interactions across all channels through one single view of the customer.

"Customers today engage where and when they want with a brand," said Mark Lancaster, CEO, SDL. "As a result, brands are challenged to not just bring all of these dispersed customer data points together, but to also find a way to act on them. With our latest release of SDL Campaigns, organizations can overcome this pressing data and customer experience challenge to engage in real-time contextual marketing and also close the loop on campaigns for more informed decisions."

Some of SDL Campaigns' new features include:

- Real-Time Marketing - Takes historical transaction data, demographic data and current contextual data from sources such as the SDL CXC or existing technology solutions to power real-time marketing use cases

- Journey ID - Automates the manual process of consolidating, organizing and making customer data usable to the marketer to ensure all touch-points in every multichannel campaign is optimized using all relevant interaction data

- Digital Marketing Dashboards - Ensures marketers can bring in campaign data from new digital channels to provide a complete view of marketing in real-time