Sell Digital Goods the Light" Way"

Today's merchants aren't just vendors who sell physical products. Music, videos, games, software and the like are in-demand goods on the Web.

To meet its clients' needs for selling digital assets, LightCMS, a NetSuite company, recently added a Digital Goods feature that removes the hassle of third-party integrations.

The way it works is when a customer purchases digital goods online, LightCMS fulfills the customer's order automatically by delivering download links via email and on the customer's online order receipt. In addition, if a merchant ever updates a digital asset, the system automatically emails previous purchasers to notify them that a new version is available for download. LightCMS also allows sites to generate "free download" links for use in promotions. These single-use links can be emailed to customers and their usage history can be tracked via the LightCMS store management interface.

"The addition of Digital Goods gives customers of LightCMS a new way to broaden their offerings, attract new customers and increase their site traffic and revenue streams," said Justin Cowan, Director of Content Management for LightCMS. "Digital Goods gives merchants new flexibility to sell physical, digital or a combination of goods in a single order and heightens the appeal of LightCMS to a broader range of ecommerce and website operators."

Here is the Digital Goods process in images:

New product variant screen with options for goods that are physical, digital or both.

One-time use links can be provided to customers for promotional purposes.

Manage physical and digital variants of a product on one screen.

The new Order Receipt with download links for digital products.