Semantic Web Optimization Made Easy with Rank Tracker

Make no mistake, keyword research continues to be essential to the success of search engine optimization campaigns, but today there are more possible sources and new types of data to consider. Fortunately, SEO software solutions are keeping pace.

SEO software platform Link-Assistant (PowerSuite) released an update to its Rank Tracker that features three new keyword research tools (Amazon suggestions, Question generator, and TF-IDF Competitor Analysis), an enhanced algorithm for keyword topic segmentation and improved data management for keyword groups.

The update also delivers an improved algorithm for keyword topic segmentation, as well as improved data management for keyword groups.

"Search engines now do not feed on keywords, but rather on the semantic intent behind them. It means that we have to target the whole semantic groups instead of individual terms," said Aleh Barysevich, Founder and CMO, SEO PowerSuite.

"The more keyword research methods you make use of, the more chances you have to rank higher. Explore new ways for keyword mining, like questions, for example. Considering the rise of semantic web and voice search, it is super important. When you can apply your best guess for the exact query your users have in mind, you can give the winning answer."