Biz Sentiment Around the (U.S.) Nation

A new survey is out that reveals the economic sentiment of more than 10,0000 American small business owners.

The Thumbtack and Bloomberg survey, released today (and which will be publishing monthly moving forward), allows viewers to examine sentiment at both the national and local level.

Overall sentiment has risen over the last year according to the report, and employers are feeling better in general about the economy than business owners who operate alone (a 4-point spread in fact between the two groups). Expectations for inflation remain well in check, though Thumbtack's proprietary Inflation Index shows that over the last year, business owners have increased their expectations of what they will pay their employees. Readers will also see that is the recovery is slightly uneven, with the West and the Northeast lagging slightly behind the South and the Midwest in relation to Economic Sentiment.

"We are excited to be able to share this new survey, which will capture the sentiment of thousands of small businesses nationwide on a monthly basis," said Jon Lieber, chief economist of Thumbtack. "Many of these business owners have few or no employees, and are often overlooked in other widely - tracked business surveys. We hope to offer new insights and a better understanding into what's happening in this critical segment of the nation's workforce and the American economy."