Session Replay Tech & Digital User Experience

Not everyone is going to be a data scientist, but that doesn't mean you can't gain a deeper understanding of what users are doing on a digital property. 

Session replay technology is a perfect way to gain a deeper understanding of the user experience (particularly for those that value qualitative analysis over quantitative) so it's important to pay attention to key developments in the sector so that when the time comes to take advantage of a solution for your own enterprise, you know where to look (and what to look away from). 

Digital performance management solution Dynatrace has announced the acquisition of Qumram, a company that offers session replay for mobile and Web applications and it's a perfect fit. 

Dynatrace will be able to expand its digital experience capabilities by providing the ability its customer the ability to visually replay a user session, within the existing Dynatrace platform. According to the announcement, Qumram's product will be re-engineered and will form part of an expanded digital experience analytics offering that will be announced early next year.

"We already pride ourselves on providing the most advanced digital performance offering in the market with unified real-user and synthetic monitoring for mobile, web and IoT applications," said Dynatrace CEO, John Van Siclen. 

"With the addition of Qumram's IP and engineering talents, we look forward to extending our digital experience leadership with advanced behavioral analytics that will combine session replay with our unique AI analytics capabilities."