Shopify to Maropost and Back Again

Digital marketing platform Maropost announced an integration with ecommerce solution Shopify, which will enable users to extract data from the Shopify system through pre-built connectors into Maropost.

What this ultimately means is that, since Shopify exposes a webhook API, new customers and their orders can be posted to Maropost in real-time, which means follow-up marketing can be automated.

"In attempting to build leading edge, multi-platform marketing campaigns marketers need access to shopping cart and CMS system data," said Manny Ju, vice president of product and client success for Maropost. "Our new integration with Shopify will allow Maropost clients to instantly and automatically import Shopify data and use it to create incredible, automated marketing campaigns. Additionally, we can automatically use our Data Automation module to return result data back into any client-side system."

Maropost's Shopify integration is available today, directly inside of the Maropost application. It's delivered free to all users of the Maropost platform.