Site-Side Behavioral Targeting

SaaS website testing and personalization provider Amadesa announced the launch of an automated, site-side Behavioral Targeting capability.

The algorithm analyzes hundreds of anonymous user data attributes (time of day, day of week, IP address, referring URL, etc.) in real time to learn which campaign promotion, category image or other content element is most compelling and automatically matches the best content to each visitor to drive engagement. This in-session updating captures visitors' actions and behaviors, incorporating them into personas. The value is that merchants are able to act on these finding in real time.

"Amadesa's site-side Behavioral Targeting algorithm goes above and beyond how most marketers define personalization by incorporating principles more commonly seen in advanced advertising solutions and applying them on marketers' sites," explained Rita Brogley, Amadesa's CEO. "Although the technology is among the industry's most sophisticated, the integrated user interface makes Behavioral Targeting easy to implement with little follow-up required of the marketer. This truly automated personalization creates micro-segments to engage consumers more quickly and take them deeper into the site to ultimately improve conversions and engagement."