Sitemasher's Website Platform Live

Sitemasher introduced the full availability of its website building platform today. Before you shrug this off as "one more solution to consider," know that this is perhaps one of the more all-in-one offerings I have encountered in my ten-plus years on the commercial 'Net. The platform provides not just a website builder, but a content management system, built-in analytics, search engine optimization features and website hosting in one tool. The biggest advantage of using Sitemasher is that it enables everyone involved in the development and promotion of a website a way to collaborate throughout the project lifecycle.

Sitemasher Website PlatformSitemasher is built around the four primary roles in advanced Web design and development: the business or site owner, site designer, information technology expert and marketer or content person. As participants in these roles typically operate in their own spheres and at their own pace, problems inevitably arise as a site moves from vision through to development and ultimately towards promotion. By establishing user-roles and workflows, site owners can minimize accidents, align tasks with corporate workflow and in short, see what's working and what's not.

Sitemasher hosts the tool as well as the website through its partner Peer1. This provides all tools with the latest infrastructure, security, and hosting requirements, including software maintenance, updates, and upgrades. Introductory pricing starts at $99 a month for a basic account that includes two users and a single published domain. A $249 a month program includes up to five users as well as the ability to set different roles, and a $699 a month program allows for unlimited users. At that price point, you better be sold on these features.