Slideshare's Send Tracker Provides Feedback Loop

Content and presentation sharing site Slideshare, a LinkedIn owned company (covered extensively at Website Magazine), has released a custom analytics solution focused on helping sales and lead generation professionals understand more about the performance of their presentations.

Slideshare's new Send Tracker offering is essentially a content analytics tool that lets users share their content (presentations, etc) to prospects via email. The solution then reports on engagement insights such as when prospects opened it (real-time alerts) and how they interacted with it (e.g. how long the viewer was on a certain slide). By knowing where prospects are spending their time in the presentation, a sales professional can customize their presentations accordingly, leading ideally to a greater number of conversions.

SlideShare's paid product starts at $19 per month, but the service is offering all application users the option to test Send Tracker free of charge on a single presentation.