SmartPhone Usage Report (Metrics from AdMob)

Mobile advertising platform AdMob released its August 2009 Mobile Metrics Report. Examing the marketshare of smartphone devices per geographic region, AdMob is reporting that thanks to improved mobile browsing capabilities and engaging applications, smartphone penetration continues to climb worldwide.

The report indicates that while Symbian devices such as the Nokia N70 and N95 continue to be popular handsets, the report finds that the iPhone OS, Android and webOS have gained marketshare over competing platforms in the last six months. Android in particular has shown strong momentum, with increasing usage of the HTC Dream (G1) and HTC Magic (myTouch) devices in the US and Europe.

Additional highlights of the report (available here) include:

- Worldwide iPhone OS marketshare has increased from 33 to 40 percent in the last 6 months, with substantial share in all regions except for Asia and Africa.
- Android growing rapidly in North America and Western Europe. The HTC Magic (my Touch) is a Top 10 smartphone in both North America and Western Europe.
- Although its marketshare has been declining, Nokia continues to hold 12 of the top 20 smartphones devices in AdMob's network.
- iPhone represented 50 percent of US smartphone usage in AdMob's network in August 2009, followed by RIM and Android devices at 14 and 13 percent, respectively.

The data is based on usage of handsets and smartphone devices during the month of August in AdMob's network of more than 9,000 mobile sites and 3,000 applications. AdMob market share is calculated by the percentage of requests received from a particular handset; it is a measure of relative mobile Web and application usage and does not represent handset sales.