Specific Media Receives QAG Certification from IAB

Specific Media announced today its certification through the Interactive Advertising Bureau's (IAB) new Ad Network & Exchange Quality Assurance Certification program. Specific Media is one of the first companies to meet the training, audit, and compliance requirements for the program.

The QAG aims to enhance advertisers' control over the placement and context of their ads and offers transparency to the marketplace by standardizing the information provided to advertisers. QAG is the only industry-endorsed certification program that exists today.

"We've always been committed to maintaining trustworthy and transparent relationships with brands," said Ron Nielsen, senior vice president of media operations for Specific Media. "Advertisers deserve to understand how and where their messages reach consumers. Our participation in the IAB's Quality Assurance Certification program is further validation of our adherence to accepted industry standards, and our intention to give advertisers the best possible environment for connecting with customers."