State of Applications from Wakoopa

Software discovery social network Wakoopa published "The State of Apps: Software, Games and Web - Q2 2009" trend report today.

We've pulled out a few of the more important findings (leaving out much of the "gaming" data) revealed in "The State of Apps - Q2 2009" report including:

- Twitter continues to experience steady growth and was used by 25% of the Wakoopa community. Twitter usage peaks around 9 PM daily and is one of the most actively used apps at that time.
- Facebook narrowly beat out YouTube as the most popular social media site among Wakoopa users. Other popular social media sites included Flickr, MySpace, and LinkedIn.
- The biggest overall gainer on the Web was Habbo, a social networking website aimed at teenagers. The second largest gainer was social media community Orkut, designed to make your social life more active and stimulating.
- Firefox was the most popular browser with 55% of all Wakoopa members in Q2 2009. Google Chrome is the second most used browser worldwide among Wakoopa users, except in Asia where Internet Explorer is the top browser of choice. More then 90% of all Linux users utilize Firefox as their primary browser.

"The continued rise of social networks like Facebook and Twitter coupled with the diversification of the browser market led to our decision to publish this report on a quarterly basis," states Robert Gaal, CEO and co-founder of Wakoopa. "Our goal is to highlight some of the overall trends and changes we see developing on the application landscape, and in the process provide insight into the habits of Wakoopa's community of software enthusiasts and early technology adopters."

The statistics in the report were generated during the second quarter of 2009 by more than 110K software enthusiasts and early technology adopters who are active, registered users of

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