State of Tech through Tweets

In just 140 characters, Twitter users have the potential to disrupt someone's day or deliver good news, enrage a follower or engage with a stranger, and a number of other scenarios exist at any given second.

What a person sees within their Twitter timeline is influenced of course by who they follow and the Tweets the network has determined they are most likely to care about. Let's break out of our own Twitter bubbles and explore some industry tweets from the last couple months that summarize, in very few words, where tech is and where it's going.

brian-clark"Snap is a terrible investment. And the kids are ready to move. Sadly, the only true winner in social is Facebook."

" Brian Clark, @brianclark

lauren-bacon"Shout-out to @SlackHQ for continuing to set the standard for appropriate use of delight in the UX. Unexpectedly fun in all the right places."

" Lauren Bacon, @laurenbacon

york"Mentors and loyalists. @Dyn is now @Oracle, officially. Thank YOU!"

" Kyle York, @kyork20

lyzi"Reminder: learning to code has no finish line. Like learning anything, there's always more to do. Success is knowing what questions to ask".

" Lyzi Diamond, @lyzidiamond 

mitch"You wonder why you can't get any productive work done, but you have desktop and mobile notifications enabled for everything."

" Mitchell Harper, @mitchellharper 

drew"Today we announced that @Dropbox is the fastest SaaS company ever to reach a $1 billion revenue run rate."

" Drew Houston, @drewhouston

jeff"Congrats to @kevin_scott on his new role as Microsoft's CTO. Very excited for him, Microsoft and LinkedIn!"

" Jeff Weiner, @jeffweiner 

dennis"Blogging: I often spend as much time with SEO, images and internal links as I do actual writing."

" Dennis Shiao, @dshiao

edward"Realised I hadn't used any credit or debit cards in two weeks... it's all been #Apple Pay"

" Edward relf, @edrelf 

pete"#Incredible - More than one million people will work in coworking spaces in 2017"

" Pete Prestipino, @peteprestipino 

me"30.5 percent of respondents wouldn't trust a text bot to assist with anything"

" Amberly Dressler, @amberlydressler

<a href= title="#ArtificialIntelligence is about to make the work of even the most creative advertising executive obsolete."

" Website Magazine, @Website Magazine