Surprise! Digital Maturity Lacking in Many Organizations

From CRM to WCM and every acronym in between, companies are struggling to integrate the disparate systems they need to run their business and optimize the digital experience for end-users. 

A new global study, "Digital Marketing Maturity: The Results Are In," from Progress finds a total of 56 percent of organizations have "some or none" of their marketing systems integrated and sharing data. Similarly, 80 percent reported manual processes were needed for the systems to work properly.

With just 20 percent of organizations running with fully automated systems, Progress believes that by relying on manual processes, an organization's ability to react in real-time to changing events is impacted.

With tighter integration and a centralized view of data, however, systems can recognize an event and immediately recommend a course of action whether it's delivering a personalized experience or adapting to new enterprise demands.

"As technologies evolve and processes are digitized, the marketing and customer experience function is being transformed. Whether this transformation is effective depends a great deal on digital maturity," said Svetozar Georgiev, Senior Vice President of Application Platforms, Progress. "Based on our findings, it's clear that organizations need to optimize, integrate and automate systems, and they need a true analytics platform to take advantage of big data to drive conversions. Implementing these changes will also enable them to truly support digital business transformation initiatives."