Tailoring Web Experiences Based on Context

Content discovery platform Taboola is looking to improve the advertising it shows to consumers, announcing the acquisition of Commerce Sciences, a provider of web personalization and on-site optimization solutions.

Publishers are increased concerned about the content and experience delivered to consumers, made increasingly complicated thanks to users changing behaviors and interests and well as situational factors such as time of day, device type and location (as well as referral source).

Rather than grouping people based solely on demographics, Commerce Sciences' personalization technology is able to analyze the implied characteristics of each visitor, given the particular time and context, meaning that the same person may be more inclined to interact with different on-site experiences throughout the day

"These are important times to understand the value of data and the user experience, as the web has become very fragmented. The notion of personalization based on user demographics is old school. It's evolving into the context in which users are consuming the web; we all have multiple personas as we come from social, search, our phone, and more - imagine if every site had a version tailored to each one of those personas," explained Adam Singolda, CEO and Founder of Taboola.