Talking Tech Series - May 13th, 2009

Just a heads up on a few interesting webinars coming up this month. Readers might be interested in attending the Talking Tech Series (hosted by form building software provider FormSpring). The Webinars are a platform for business and technology thought leaders to share their tips and techniques on a variety of topics, from high-tech PR to cloud computing. Here are the speakers scheduled for May 13th, I encourage you to register (free) now. 

  • Lorraine Ball of Roundpeg, who is going to be presenting Marketing by the Numbers; defining the relationship between advertising expenses, your closing rate, data base, and sales
  • Troy Burke of Right On Interactive presenting Automated Customer Lifecycle Communications which will provide a framework for implementing a customer lifecycle communications strategy
  • Brian Wolff of BlueLock, presenting Cloud Computing Landscape and Opportunities; a view of the cloud computing market and how companies can leverage the cloud in their business