The Best Way to Influence Mobile Success is Through Product Discovery

Despite the growing demand to deliver an exceptional mobile experience, consumers are still struggling when it comes to completing their mobile purchases. 

Qubit, a provider of marketing personalization technology, recently announced results from an analysis of 1.2 billion ecommerce journeys ( sampled from its own platform), finding that the best way to influence mobile is actually through the optimization of product discovery. 

The survey (The Growing Influence Of Mobile Discovery On Ecommerce Revenue) revealed that "product discovery", and not the intricacy of mobile payment (as many have long assumed), has become the key challenge that ecommerce companies can fix in order to unlock revenue on mobile and digital channels. The study indicated, in fact, that a focus on mobile product discovery can impact digital sales by up to 33 percent.

"Mobile is clearly providing a halo effect on multiple channels so retailers need to look at this in the context of how people discover a product catalog," said Graham Cooke, CEO of Qubit. "We're making significant investments in AI-powered product discovery for mobile because we see real uplift opportunity across a fragmented shopping journey that's only connected through a mobile device."

Qubit's research is backed up by another survey of more than 4,000 consumer respondents, which revealed some interesting data on mobile experiences:

+ 48 percent of consumers agree or strongly agree that they find buying and discovering products directly from brands' mobile sites is frustrating.

+ Consumers are more likely to use their mobile devices for browsing and inspiration (61 percent) than for purchasing specific items (58 percent).

+ The majority (57 percent) of consumers cited that their favorite mobile shopping websites make an effort to personalize the experience to preferences and interests.