The Digital Professional's Acronym Guide

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 29 Nov, 2013

No one said it would be easy being a Web professional, but silly things like acronyms shouldn't make your life any harder. 


After all, "decoder" is likely not listed in your skill set on LinkedIn, nor should it be. This is why the team at Website Magazine has put together (and will continue to update) an Acronym Guide for the digital professional. So the next time you run into three unfamiliar letters right in a row, just pull up this link to get in the acronym loop.




AOV - Average Order Value


API - Application Programming Interface


AR - Augmented Reality


ASP - Application Service Provider


AWS - Amazon Web Services




B2B - Business to Business


B2C - Business to Consumer




CDN - Content Delivery Network


CLV - Customer Lifetime Value


CMS - Content Management System


CPA - Cost Per Acquisition/Action


CPC - Cost Per Click


CPD - Cost Per Download


CPE - Cost Per Engagement


CPL - Cost Per Lead


CPM - Cost Per Thousand


CPV - Cost Per View


CRM - Customer Relationship Management


CSS - Cascading Style Sheet


CTA - Call To Action


CTR - Click-Through Rate


CX - Customer Experience




DM - Direct Message


DNS - Domain Name System




EPC - Earnings Per Click


EPM - Earnings Per Thousand


ESP - Email Service Provider




FB - Facebook


FTP - File Transfer Protocol




GA - Google Analytics


gTLD - Generic Top Level Domain




HTML - Hyper Text Markeup Language


HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol


HTTPS - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure




IMAP - Internet Message Access Protocol


IP - Internet Protocol


ISP - Internet Service Provider




KPI - Key Performance Indicator




LTV - Lifetime Value




MVT - Multivariate Testing




OS - Operating System




PLA - Product Listing Ad


POS - Point of Sale


PPC - Pay Per Click


PPL - Pay Per Lead


PPV - Pay Per View


PR - Page Rank


PV - Page View




QA - Quality Assurance


QR Code - Quick Response Code


QS - Quality Score




ROI - Return on Investment


RSS - Really Simple Syndication


RT - Retweet


RTB - Real Time Bidding




SaaS - Software as a Service


SEM - Search Engine Marketing


SEO - Search Engine Optimization


SERP - Search Engine Result Page


SMB - Small Business


SMM - Social Media Marketing


SMS - Short Message Service


SOV - Share of Voice


SSL - Secure Sockets Layer


SSO - Single Sign On




TLD - Top Level Domain


TOS - Terms of Service




UI - User Interface


UGC - User-Generated Content


URL - Uniform Resource Locator


UX - User Experience




VOD - Video On Demand




WOMM - Word of Mouth Marketing


WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get




YOY - Year Over Year


YTD - Year To Date


Notice any acronyms missing off this list? Let us know in the Comments Section below so we can keep this guide up to date.