The End of Traditional Bookkeeping?

Wayne Penney
by Wayne Penney 16 Jan, 2023

If there's one task that most enterprises would rather avoid it is that of managing the financial side of their business - from organizing year-end financial statements to staying organized when tax season comes around. 

There are, however, some rather useful solutions and services available that can help companies minimize the numerous headaches associated with traditional bookkeeping and automate a good portion of these essential back-office tasks.

Bookkeeping service Bench, for example, recently announced a partnership with commerce and payment platform Stripe.

The integration certainly makes sense for those currently using the payment system as those small business owners will be able to eliminate a lot of the guesswork of getting paid, tracking revenue and making informed financial decisions. 

Small business owners using Bench will be able to instantly and automatically transfer their Stripe merchant data (via secure, read-only access) directly to their Bench account (eliminating the need to send separate reports to bookkeepers). 

"Bench offers a truly effortless solution to something that was once complicated for the underserved, 28.8 million small business owners across the United States," says Ian Crosby, Co-founder and CEO of Bench.

"By partnering with best-in-class service providers, like Stripe, we're taking it way past traditional bookkeeping. Now, with a click of a button, all accounts are connected. It's dead simple, instant utility."

Stripe Bench Bookkeeping Integration