The Future is Predictive for Marketing Automation

Predictive sales and marketing platform Infer has released a behavioral modeling solution for the Oracle Eloqua platform.

The behavior scoring offering should help companies improve their sales and marketing programs by providing a more efficient and effective way to prioritize business-to-business deals (those that are most likely to close quickly) and by continuously optimizing campaign effectiveness and pipeline velocity. 

Infer is rather unique among predictive vendors because it mines every activity data point inside a marketing automation platform, offering behavior models that companies can use to identify which of their prospects are ready to buy within a set time period. Infer launched its behavior scoring last year and has since generated millions of individual scores by using machine learning to model activity records about each prospect's engagement.

Infer is really just extending its integration with Oracle Eloqua (one of the leading marketing automation solutions on the market today), but has added new features including new visual dashboards as well as improved historical analysis.

"Infer is committed to helping innovative businesses of all sizes fuel their growth strategies by identifying high-potential prospects that will generate revenue faster," said Vik Singh, co-founder and CEO of Infer. "We're encouraged by the tremendous success our customers, like Avalara and Tableau, are experiencing at significant scale, and are excited to now extend our breakthrough behavioral models to more Oracle Eloqua users. We appreciate that Oracle shares our mindset about open architectures, which enables our joint customers to get the most out of all their customer data and achieve bigger business impact."